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Vive La Evolution!

Evolution as opposed to Revolution. To revolve is what we, as a race, have been doing since the time of Babylon; going around in circles, never truly adavancing, finding better more effective ways to alienate one another. We want to incite an Evolution and take it to the next level. This project is evidence that as a race Humanity is both evolving consciously as well as consciously evolving. Meaning to say that as a race our consciousness is evolving; we are becomming more aware of the subtleties of our existance and at the same time we are becomming more aware of our consciousness and are learning to guide and direct where its development flows, We are purposefully evolving ourselves. Our Evolution is on purpose.

Creating a culture of Unity and Understanding.

culture we are creating here is one of improvement, and betterment or collective human development. We are about exposing and eliminating the limits that have been placed upon the race of humanity. We feel we are in a time of transition, we are evolving at a rate that is unsustainable with our current collective state of mind, and this state of mind is being held in place by the collective beliefs and agreements we have come to accept. In short, by the current economic system, by the current system of public education, by the false and misleading suggestions of the media and finally by the negatively charged languages we speak. As we here are not politicians, public educators or media moguls we realized our influence in those areas is currently very limited. However, the language we speak, at a certain point becomes our choice and traditionally the speakers of a language, no matter their class, status or literacy level in that language, can and do influence, though in a haphazard way, the direction of its development. This being said and accepted as true, it only follows that if we were to come together and agree upon a new language, we can, together, more than just influence its development; we can engineer it to be a more effective and positive form of communication. And if and when it is accepted by the masses it will have the effect of reducing misinterpretation and reinforcing a positive collective attitude.

here hold that there are certain laws in this physical existence that make what we say, the intention behind it and how we say it important. When we speak of “how” something is said we are pointing to the subtleties of speech, as in tonality, whether what is said is stated in the positive, and whether it be open to interpretation. The importance of these subtleties of speech is such that those who understand this and practice the manipulation of such become powerfully effective communicators.

TBP Unity

, because of the fact that the majority of the words in the current languages spoken on the planet are all open to multiple interpretations, it can become awfully tempting for some of these masters to abuse their knowledge and interpret things in such a way as to gain for them some false authority.

is because we believe in equality and unity that we have come together here. The language that we are creating here could be the beginnings of an equal playing field where the words you say can only be taken to mean what the writer or speaker intended. In other words no twisting of meanings.

here are lovers of humanity and of existence as a whole. We understand that we are here for one another and that none can survive alone for long. We recognize that no one could even have a single thought without it having been directly or indirectly inspired by another. So, it only follows for us that the old cliché “united we stand divided we fall” is an utter fact. And anything that brings us together only makes us stronger.

Evolutionary Thinking

AbundanceWe are of the mindset that this physical realm that we all share is collectively ours and that includes everything in it. However, when we say ours we mean it is ours in the same sense that our bodies are ours
in that undeniable way we are all aware of. We know that if we touch someone’s body without their permission we are in the wrong. This, in our opinion also includes the resources of this realm, natural and intellectual. We feel that those who take and use those resources for personal profit while others who need them are starved of the same, are equally in the wrong.

We believe that there are an abundance of resources in this realm, more than enough for us all, but when individuals choose to hijack and hoard them and only make them available to those with the money, the rest are forced to go without. This is kind of greed and over compinsation is born out of a time when travel and transport were a struggle and it was normal to get stuck in a place with slim resources for extended periods of time. However today with the infrastructure that humanity has built you can go online and order food from anywhere in the world and be eating it fresh within 24hrs. with a system like this at our disposal how is it that anyone on this planet is suffering from lack?… The only logical answer is: Out Dated and Out Moded thinking.

We Are One

We believe that evolved concepts like Open Source and a Share based economy are the solution to the worlds food and resource crisis as well as a healthy dose of the truth through an impartial media and education system. When it come right down to it we believe that separation is an illusion and we are all One which means that anything we do to improve the lives of others by default must improve our own. And so ultimately we find strength in the old adage “Do unto other as you would have them do unto you”. This has always been the solution. We feel it is about time we heeded it.


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