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Ben Franklin’s Folly

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I have recently been looking into the atom and how the electron was said to have a negative charge. To me this makes no sense, and I am sure this is the case with anyone who understands the concept of motion and masculine and feminine energy. this is I am now understanding is Ben Franklin’s Folly. These energies behave in opposing manners however, they contain aspects of one another because they share the same reference which is neither or in this case specifically, neuter. In fact the meaning of neuter is : neither male nor female. But if one pays close attention we see a third gender that is the opposite of gender.

This can be applied to everything in regard to physical motion and energy flow. Professor Daniel Brinton: explains this in a paper on John Keeley’s Laws of Being:

“Applying these fundamental laws to an explanation of the universe, as it is brought to human cognition, all manifestations of force may be treated as modes of vibrations.
The essential differences give rise to three modes of vibration:
I. The Radiating: called also the “Dispersing”, the “Propulsive”, the “Positive”, and the “Enharmonic”.
II. The Focalizing: called also the “Negative”, the “Negative Attractive”, the “Polarizing”, and the “Harmonic”.
III. The Dominant: called also the “Etheric”, or the “Celestial”.
“These, it will be noted, correspond to the three laws of being. It is not to be understood that any one of these three modes of vibration can exist independently. Each by itself is called a “current”, and all three must be present in every “stream” or “flow” of force.

Now the question arises, ‘What does this have to do with electrons and gender. Well it has been understood for thousands of years that all physical matter can be described as being predominantly masculine or feminine. In the case of these modes of vibration, Brinton gives us great examples of the characteristics of both as well as that which is neither:

Radiating, Dispersing, Propulsive, Enharmonic, Positive, are all characteristics that describe the behavior of masculine energy

Focalizing, Negative, Attractive, Polarizing, and Harmonic are characteristics that describe the behavior of feminine energy

Dominant, Etheric, and Celestial are characteristics that describe what is neither masculine nor feminine or even material for that matter.

Now, I want to make it clear that in the case of these energies the terms masculine and feminine are not synonymous with male and female respectively. Males and females of any species posess the whole trinity. So, just because one is male does not automatically mean that they are predominantly masculine the proof being homosexuality or the effeminate male and this is more about personality than gender. I will also point out that in this society what may appear as feminine, because we equate the behavior to women is not always the case either.

When we look at the definitions presented by Brinton we can see how the behavior of feminine or negative energy is focalizing and harmonizing; meaning that it brings things together through attraction in a peaceful and organized manner, whereas masculine or positive energy has an opposing type of behavior being that of radiating. It is propulsive and enharmonic which is to say that it is self motivated, it blows things apart in a disorganized manner causing things to separate into individual pieces. I like the statement, ‘Masculine energy moves others by moving itself. Feminine energy moves itself by moving others. Another way to view it is,that the Masculine moves away from others, as a separate individual, whereas Feminine movement is in the form of growth and expansion through the gathering of a group or community.

Now, with all of that, hopefully, understood, how would you classify the electron? To answer that question let’s look at how it moves and/or behaves as opposed to its counterpart; the proton. The protons are nicely grouped together within the nucleus of an atom whereas the electrons are in relatively far off individual, orbits, the more electrons there are the further off the orbit of the last one.

I think it should be clear that the names and charges of the atomic components, have been mistakenly reversed. But what does this mean and why does it matter either way? One might ask.

Well the fact is, that physics and chemistry or the bases for contemporary science was born out of a form of spirituality known as Alchemy. Which was co-opted back in the twelfth century by the practitioners of Jewish mysticism and called Kabbalah, of which, some may have heard. The practitioners of this scientific and spiritual hybrid were all well versed in the particulars of masculine and feminine energy as I have explained it here.

The father of modern science; Isaac Newton, was a practitioner of alchemy. It has been said that he spent a considerable amount more time and effort in studying alchemy than he ever did on physics or chemistry. However, the modern model of the atom and electricity had not yet been discovered so we can be pretty certain that he was not the perpetrator of this heinous misnomer.

No, that designation, it seems falls squarely on the shoulders of none other than Benjamin Franklin. This is Ben Franklin’s Folly. While working on understanding electricity he made the mistake of arbitrarily designating the traveling element (the constituent that moves) in an electrical circuit as having a positive charge. Most sensitive individuals are aware of these energies and their behaviors, if only on an intuitive level. However, sensitivity it not prerequisite to becoming a scientist.

Ultimately though it was the scientific community that accepted Franklin’s designation and solidified it when they conceptually modeled the structure of the atom. By calling the radiating and propulsive aspect of the model the electron and designating its charge as negative, and calling the focalizing and attractive aspects, “the Proton” and giving it a positive charge, the scientific community started down proverbial winding path with only half the toolkit with which you started. To put it in perspective although you can drive a car on two flat tires, it will be very slow going and and you might not make it to your destination.

As I stated before in my article titled: “The Dance”, Science and Religion as separate disciplines are hobbled with only half the truth in their possession and Ben Franklin’s misnomer or Franklin’s Folly is proof. For had he known About the concepts I just presented he would have realized that first of all there are definite examples of positive and negative in nature and that the electron I’d an example of a positive.

All of the greatest scientific minds in recent history have all counted intuition amongst their most valuable tools for bringing the secrets of the universe into our awareness in a reasonably understandable way. Albert Einstein on numerous occasions cited his spirituality or a higher power as what inspired some of his theories. His intuition and artistic creativity allowed him to visualize what could be and in fact what really was.

It takes more than just a great intellect to make a great man or to practice great science. The spiritual aspect or intuition must also be equally developed. We must acknowledge that we are beings that inhabit two realms that seem to intertwine; the spiritual and the physical and we were given senses to navigate both. When as scientists we forget that we are human and think that logic can reveal the answer to every question we doomed ourselves to mediocrity and retarded progress.

The misnomer in regard to the electron ignores half of that which this universe is made, and should have been then and should be now, a big red flag indicating that we have strayed from the path and need to correct our heading.

After all of that being said, I know there are still some out there saying “I still don’t see why this is so important. Simply put this misnomer goes against the convention established by the author of the laws of this universe to which we are all intuitively tuned. This blocks that intuition making it impotent, essentially disqualifying those individual scientists who have developed this sense from any future gains in the understanding of the intricacies of electricity and the atom. It may happen it will just go a lot slower. That is at least until the mistake is remedied.

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