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When I originally started this blog it was with an understanding, up to a point, that words and language have a much more powerful meaning than most think, and that if we could agree upon a single world language, it would bring us together in a way that would allow us to challenge the gods (a reference to what happened at the tower of Babel in the Bible, Genesis 11: 1-9). Since then, this understanding has grown far beyond that, as if that were possible.

It is well known that when a person uses a tool over and over, practicing whatever discipline the tool is used for, that person eventually becomes a master of the tool if not the discipline itself. This being understood it follows that when a person uses a word or a phrase over and over that person becomes a master of the word if not the language and aural communication itself, as words, phrases and languages themselves are tools of the discipline known as communication.

(In case the question arises for whatever reason, I am in no way implying that I have mastered either communication, English, or any particular word in English or any other language).

From a book called Psycho Cybernetics, I learned that if we create mantras positively affirming some change we want to make in our lives and make a habit of saying it over and over for a certain time period, every day we begin to, not only go in the direction of that change, but we start to create a deeper understanding and relationship with the meaning of the concept behind the affirmation. The deeper meaning of the individual words seem to reveal themselves beyond their generally accepted definitions.

I once read an article that explains that the word ‘real’, is taken from the original French word  meaning ‘royal’ and that that being the case whenever we use the word we are referring to the self proclaimed nobility or the royal families of the world. So when one considers this you may start to see that in this regard our language betrays us and works in favor of the royals implying that if something is real it belongs to them. For example: real estate. If it is real estate, it is a royal estate and therefore belongs to them. So, considering all salable land is called real estate, it all belongs to them. It Also implies that they, as individuals, are the only ones that can be considered a real person the rest of us are here only to serve them.

Sounds like a real pile of horse shit to me but this is the real deal.

Recently, I created a mantra that combats my personal conditioning toward not feeling worthy of the things I desire: “ I am worthy, I am intrinsically worthy, I am worthy of everything imaginable, I am worthy of all the good this world has to offer.” and I would chant this for 10 minutes in the morning on the way to work and for 10 minutes on the way home as well as twice a day on the weekends for a little more than a month.

However, it didn’t start off that long for a week, it was simply, “I am worthy”. Then while chanting that I realized that we as individual humans on this planet are only ones that can determine for ourselves the value of anything. We are the creators of worth, therefore how could we not be intrinsically worthy of anything to which we assign worth? Thus, “I am intrinsically worthy”. Soon after that, as a proponent of the law of attraction, I had to consider that I create my own reality through the focus of my imagination. So whatever I can imagine I can also bring into manifestation and if it has gone that far I necessarily would have had to consider it intensely for some time, which means that being a member of western society I would have assigned some value to it. That being the case, as the purveyor of its value I am automatically worthy of it whatever it may be. Thus, “I am worthy of everything imaginable”.

Finally, realising that I was being very general, meaning that what I was saying could mean that I am worthy of the bad in this world as well as the good and wanting to be more specific about attracting good into my life, I added I am worthy of all the good this world has to offer.

If you are sharp, you would have noticed that the longer I said the mantra, the clearer my understanding became in regard to what worthy means and how to better use it. But ultimately what may not be apparent is that as a word’s meaning becomes clearer it also becomes simpler, so much simpler, that it loses meaning all together. I am aware that to some this statement is ridiculous however, I will explain why I made it shortly.

As I stated earlier, We as Individuals or better stated We as Individual perspectives, “are the only ones that can determine, for ourselves,K8 the value of anything. We are the creators of worth”. Let us look at a bunch of synonyms for worth:

Synonyms for worth:

Account rate desirability mark stature
Aid valuation dignity meaningfulness use
Benefit assistance equivalence merit usefulness
cost avail excellence moment utility
credit caliber goodness note virtue
price class help perfection weight
quality consequence importance significance worthiness

So all these words basically mean “worth” or “value” right down to the word “meaningfulness or  meaning” itself. So if we are the only ones that can determine what we value and we are the creators of worth then it is also we that are the only ones that can directly determine and create meaning in our lives.

Let me be very clear about what I am saying here. “Meaning” is completely subjective. Even down to the meaning of “meaning”. There is no meaning to any of this other than what each of us subjectively assigns to it. “Meaning” is a construct of the human mind.

So, to get back to why I made the statement that “as a word’s meaning becomes clearer it also becomes simpler, so much simpler, that it loses meaning all together” it is easy now, to see that when one truly gets to the core of any word it is a blank slate waiting for us to add the missing meaning.

It is interesting to note that after working on this post for a few months, to be honest, I was losing grasp of what I was trying to say. Then this morning I woke up and watched the latest edition of Leo Gura’s vlog: ‘’. The subject was Understanding Meaning, Purpose, & Value, where he speaks in length on what I just touch on here. It truly helped to reaffirm my grip on what I was trying to get across here. He seemed to have a fully formed picture of, what was for me, up until this morning, a slightly hazy understanding of what I was trying to convey.

As mentioned above even the meaning of meaning is mostly subjective, so, a question that should also be considered is: exactly that, if meaning is subjective then what is it’s meaning, to us who create it, as a whole?  Or, better stated what is it’s purpose?

In his blog, Leo proposes the idea that so many before him have brought forth, and I am inclined to agree with them all, that this world of separation is an illusion that allows us to pretend to be differentiated individuals. That, in actuality all is undifferentiated. That being the case he says that the purpose of meaning is to keep us engaged with the illusion. And I must agree with this statement as well, without meaning, there is nothing to keep us here. However, that is a spiritual view.

Steven Pinker: cognitive psychologist, linguist and author of the book: ‘How the mind works’, has a more scientific view of the subject. As I understand it, he believes the Darwinian explanation for meaning in the minds of human beings, that it came through evolution/natural selection. Through random mutations over countless generations. The mutations that improve the survivability of the species, allowing the members to live longer, are more likely passed on as traits to future generations. Thus, to Pinker, the purpose of meaning is Survival.

I would like say, firstly, that I agree with both of these views to a point, as they both amount to the same thing: staying here in the physical universe as long as possible. The only issue I have with Pinker, is that he believes meaning only first appeared in the minds of humans, as he negates anything he considers unscientific. I submit that creating meaning is an intrinsic part of being conscious and that the entire universe is conscious thus it was being created from the beginning.

As some at this point may be wondering how knowing any of this is helpful, I would like to revisit the example of the word “real”. In regard to the language in which this article was written (English), real is basically defined as being synonymous with ‘actual’ and this meaning has evolved from how it was originally defined as ‘being or belonging to royalty’. Now some, whose conditioning is more solid than most, will take great exception to what I am about to say, however, the point of this article does hinge somewhat on the understanding that it is highly likely the case.

The concept of royalty, like all concepts was created by a human mind. And this concept in particular was created for the purpose of transferring the power from the many to the few, to create an elite group of humans whose whims would supercede the rights and lives of the rest of humanity. I see them as the bullies on the playground, who have conned and intimidated all the other kids into doing their bidding or somehow folding to their overwhelming sense of entitlement.

Nevertheless, regardless of how I subjectively see them, they have established themselves as masters of meaning. They created the concept of royalty/nobility and propagated it’s meaning to the point that the great majority of the world sees It and their claim to it as legitimate.

I am sure many of you have heard the statement, “money is power”. It is an old saying and like many old sayings, it is only true in one specific context and is most often use outside of that context. I submit that the statement “Money is power”, is only an accurate statement when one is referring to the fact that if a person is powerful or influential in this day and age they are most likely wealthy. However even in this case wealth or money is more likely only evidence of power. I further submit that true power in this world doesn’t come from money or wealth but it creates money and wealth out of nothing. What I am saying here is that the main subject of this article and the true seat of power in this world are the same thing: “Meaning”.

Consider this: Money. As we are already discussing money, and I choose it because it seems to have objective meaning and value across the board of humanity. Most see value in money, however, there are those in this world that hold absolutely no value in money. And if they were in the majority it would be clearer that money has in and of itself no value beyond what we as individuals give it. But then, how is it that the majority of us in this world hold money in such high regard. Following the logic we have used up to this point, it was accomplished through the mastery of meaning.

They are the great marketers of the world the Madison Avenue Ad men. They give meaningless concepts like style, class and upper-class, the deep emotional meaning it has today, through the manipulation of the media and media icons they tie these concepts to our identities. No one wants to be considered a lower class than someone else and depending on how much it means to them, some will do anything to avoid it, even murder or suicide. Steven Pinker might point out that this type of manipulation takes advantage of the primal survival instinct to be the alpha male or desired female so that you can successfully pass on your genes.

I want to say that that they are wrong for their manipulations but I don’t think this falls in the realm of right and wrong. It simply needs to come into the light so we can see our options.

Those who somehow discovered this tool of survival first, have had an unfair advantage for more than 10,000 years.

This is not rocket science. It can easily be understood by the simplest of us not yet exposed to the manipulations of those who would rule over others. But as it stands even those that knowingly propagate these falsehoods, even today, have been conditioned, by the same system, into how they see the world. No one escapes this system, as long as it exists none will be free.

Meaning is the true basis of power struggle, whether in a one on one relationship, a family dynamic, or the governing of a nation.  If It means a lot, to me, that I and my mate are honest to one another above all else, but to her, it means more to be kind in the eyes of the other, and I have and honest critique, more often or not she will see it and me  as unkind. If she tells me a white lie to make me feel better more likely it will have the opposite result as I will see it as dishonest. The same result would happen with any opposing values. That being said knowing how to use meaning as a tool to avoid these kind of issues can greatly improve your chances of success in anything you do.

The system of values and anti-values these self proclaimed nobles have created and spread across the world so that the masses will work towards their petty interest is no longer sustainable and is in conflict with objective logic. One only has to consider the alternative of a share based system where we all put our efforts towards things that benefit all of humanity as well as our nation, our local community, our family and ourselves, to see that it there is something wrong with the way we view others. Generally under the current system the other is viewed as competition. Even what many in the west consider the jewel of western civilisation: Democracy could not exist without competition. Why would you ever look out for the best interest of another if you consider them competition? This is why we are all so conflicted when deciding between our self interests and the interests of another, whether a loved one or someone you just met, humanity as a whole has not yet realised that these two thing are mutually exclusive. Yes, what is best for all is, objectively, best for me and what is best for me is, objectively, best for all.

What Democracy means to most people is mind boggling to me. To most, at least in the west it is the  fairest system of governing people or making group decisions. But to me it is simply majority rules. However as far as government is concerned, even majority rules is gone. And what is majority rules anyway, but a competition through debate for votes in the interests of the parties involved. The winners interests are  looked after and the losers are thrown aside. And as stated before in regard to government this process has been hijacked by those with money who pay representatives to vote in the interest of those with money.

I don’t want to make this article all about how jacked up our society is due to the elite misuse and abuse of the power they discovered. It is enough to look at how they have used it as an indication of what we could accomplish if we were to use this power that we all possess for the benefit of us all knowing that they are very few and have only used it for the Benefit of a very few. If the rest of humanity (billions of people) used their ability to create meaning for the benefit of us all, there is no paradise or positive emotion that could evade us earth would be heaven..

After significant consideration of the meaning or reason for meaning, I have come to the conclusion that meaning is the illusion that all the great sages of the past have been speaking of. I feel that, in the creation of the world of differentiated things, the source had to first create meaning so that it could keep its self interested in this world as the infinite perspectives that are its multiple personalities. This is a world of consciousness and everything in it is conscious as the source is conscious and everything is made of and from the source. So, although Steven Pinker may believe that meaning evolved randomly and was passed on because it works in favour of survival I would have to say that without meaning nothing would be able to exist as it is meaning through which all things are formed. Let me be clear here. As we, as individuals are one of the infinite conscious perspectives of the source of all that is, we are the creators of our individual lives thus we create our own meaning in those lives and without the perspectives there can be no meaning there is no thing. There is just the undifferentiated potential that is the source of all things.   

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  1. Hey Mario read about 3/4 so far…one thing to consider…is Royaly a derivative of Real as Real is a derivative of Latin and Hebrew Res before French emerged as linguistics. I know that is not your overall point to the artical and that using root language to its core and the impact it has on becoming synonymous with the universe. But it was bugging me about the use of the word real…I digress.

    1. I’m not too clear on the point you are trying to make. However, Yes, the English royal was derived from the French real. English is a younger language.

      I’m really happy you have taken the time to read my stuff, thanks.

  2. My point is that res is the root from latin and hebrew that became reality to differ from imaginary. So if French took it and applied it to root Royalty they basically altered the meaning to fit the language…the English is based on the latin side which is to differ real, matter and unreal of imagination…

  3. OK, I’m going to look into that thanks. As the article I read on the subject didn’t go beyond the French meaning neither did I as it works for my point.

  4. You are correct, I should have done deeper research. Real actually means the same in French. I wonder how the author of that article came to the conclusions he did?

  5. I think he was correct that because we first used real in english as wording to describe something tangable and also used in law to describe property…but its still the root of res…its funny how as language evolves we twist thing to serve the present…

  6. Yes it is, and after some further research I found the the res root is not set in stone. It is a theory of a possible root. The alternative theory is that the root is rex, i.e. king (from which through various intermediary languages we get royal, regnal, realm, regalia, and so on). Poignant! Just as in the article I posted, meaning is not objective.

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