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This post is dedicated to all my friends out there that have zero military or war experience. A lot of you seem to think that because you watched “Saving Private Ryan” or  “Hacksaw Ridge”, you know what WWII was all about and what war is all about. You need to realize that I may know a little more in that regard. I spent 4 years in the US Navy and spent a Tour in the Gulf war. Yes I am a vet. I was also raised by a Marine who was a Vietnam vet, and though he didn’t feel the same way I do, he also suffered from PTSD, and I had to deal with that as a child.

While it is true that everyone is entitled to an opinion I think most would agree, (though I could be wrong), that it is those who have experience in or who have researched the subject thoroughly, whose opinion holds the most weight. I am writing this because several people have tried to shame me in regard to my opinion about Remembrance Day. I feel that it glorifies war or more specifically war vets for the part they played in a war. To be honest, if I am ashamed of anything it is the part I played in a war.

One cannot glorify or honor a soldier for the part he played in a war without glorifying or justifying the war itself. Most who disagree with my opinion in this matter, say things like “Those were good and brave men who fought for our freedom from the tyranny of an oppressive regime”( the  Nazies).

I don’t know that they were good or bad men, but my experience has shown me that there was likely a mix of good and bad amongst them and I think most know that what I’m saying makes sense, but yet they act like every soldier who fought in that war was a great and brave man. Some of these men were assholes and worse who came home and abused everyone and everything in their lives. And whether or not the soldiers were good or bad, they did horrible things to human beings all over the world in the name of freedom. This is called glorification. To say that regardless of all the nasty shit he has done in his life, he should be honored for all the nasty shit he did in a war. To me this is psychotic logic.

And in regard to these men fighting for my freedom, I’m a black man in America. I still feel the tyranny and oppression that separates this western society. (I will assume I don’t have to explain). The only people fighting for my freedom are me and the equal rights activists. WWII did shit for us in fact our own country experimented on us during that time. (Tuskegee).

I do understand that we as a society have been brainwashed into accepting war as a necessary evil but I propose that if an action is evil it is only necessary if he who takes it wants perpetuate more evil. It really doesn’t take a lot of research to know the truth of it. If a man comes home from war and lives a righteous existence from then on and affects the world and all around him in a positive manner, that man should be honored. Not for what he did during what was likely the ugliest part of his life but for the fact that he left.all that behind him and flourished.

There are very few men I served alongside of that I thought were good men but I can say without hesitation that they were all brainwashed including myself.

WWI and WWII were not fought for the reasons that are propagated in western society and there was no good Vs bad there. The leaders that waged those wars were all bad, wrong, evil… what have you.

Take a deeper look past the fairytales we have been fed and realize there is no redeeming quality in war or stay asleep and help perpetuate the evil, it is your choice. But don’t tell me how to feel about something that means way more to me, as it has directly affected my life in several ways, when most who disagree with me had a grandfather who fought in WWII and want to honor his memory so they think that I am trying to take something from them. Each man or woman should be honored on their own merits not some bullshit holiday that blankets them all as the same.

This is all to say if you respect  and honor vets so damn much, respect a vet’s right to his opinion about Remembrance day.

Above all Remember Your Humanity.

I’m glad I get a long weekend out of it.

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