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I am starting to feel that my communication is becoming too metaphorical as in regard to the current school shooting crisis in the US I made the statement “Kill all the politicians” as a play on Shakespeare’s “Kill the all the lawyers”. From his play Henry VI The full quote is “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. It is one of the most infamous quotes from Shakespeare. Nevertheless, I made the statement thinking that most would get the reference and that those who know me would assume it was a joke, as I am a pacifist and killing would never be my solution to anything. I found it very odd that the only person that took it literally and Judged me to be advocating something akin to genocide was an old friend. What I was actually advocating was to eliminate the occupation of lawyer or politician and to completely revamp our system of government. Even when I tried to explain this to my friend of more than 30 years he refuse to hear it and said that the point I was making was irrelevant to our discussion. At that point I realized he was dealing with something deeply personal causing him to feel the need to lash out and I called him on it. Needless to say he promptly unfriended me on FB. Some may be asking what does this have to do with Mass shootings? Well this is an example of how a conversation about school shootings started. In this case one person blames the system as the cause, and suggests revamping it altogether. The other attacking that idea without even understanding what he just read. And even if he could have grasped that it was a metaphor he would have called my solution impossible or as he said, “Welcome to Fantasy island…”   And I believe it is because of his inability to imagine things much different from the way they are and due to a certain amount of arrogance or ego simply wanting to win the argument, he is sure that no one, at least no one he he knows could have considered the issue more deeply than he has. This mentality prevails in this society and it is what I call a zombie mentality. Whenever a zombie senses the presence of a living human it attacks aiming to devour the brain, and turn the living into the living dead. I wrote a post in this blog about it called Zombies: what’s it all about? In which I explain as in the statement above, where the living human is the person that goes against their conditioning and expands their knowledge and consciousness. Becoming aware of a deeper truth that is definitely a threat to the status quo. The Zombie, on the other hand is the fully conditioned person that believes everything the establishment tells him whether  that authority be the church, the state or contemporary science. They are the guardians of the status quo. If you threaten it at all, they will attack you. And because they are the vast majority they will attack in numbers. The funny thing about this is that it’s still not that black and white we can all be unconscious for periods at a time or for a specific area of our conditioning. The best anyone can do is to be open to all possible solutions and all possible arguments. To immediately attack, insult  or patronize someone because they say something you don’t get, is the reason why very little gets done to prevent what is happening with these shootings. We chose to be on opposing sides of an argument about gun control instead of coming together for a solution to the real problem; mental illness.

There is an argument that points out that medical malpractice kills more than 98,000 people in the US every year. I would go so far as to add that these school shootings should be added to that number, as the shooters are obviously mentally ill, some even diagnosed as such, but still they are free to get a gun and shoot up a school. Our medical industry has convinced us that they are here for our well being yet this is happening more and more. It is because they are not able to, or simply refuse to do what they have promised us. The fact that this is allowed to happen is not the mentally ill persons fault nor the doctor that diagnosed him, it is the fault of the legislators and the legal system that is bought and paid for by lobbyists. They insure that we are not safe anywhere. By the way, I don’t believe guns are safe for anyone and if you carry one it is at your own risk and lessens the safety of all who are around you, but at the same time I feel if the authorities have them the civilians almost need them, as there are mentally ill amongst the authorities as well. Consider Germany and the Nazis I venture to guess that the vast majority of them were mentally ill.

The question raised now is how do we make our society safe for us all? If mental illness is the problem the solution must be better trained psychologists, right? Wrong they have obviously reach their level of incompetence or simply refuse to do better for some reason. The simple answer in my mind is to revamp the system so that it allows for equality. Right now in our society those with money rule over those without, they care only about what benefits them and those they love they profit from the suffering and toil of the poor and middle classes. They have enslaved us and hobbled us so that they may profit from our efforts and give nothing in return. This society is driving us crazy. According to  the World Health Organization, the US is ranked third in the world for mental illness behind india and China.

They use fear as motivation and to deter crime while they the crime rate constantly rises showing that the tactics they use do not work.

If everyone’s basic needs are taken care of, which is more than possible, so that all you had to strive for was the extras such as entertainment and world travel then why would anyone need to steal to survive or shoot 17 kids as a cry for help or bully others because they feel less than. These basic needs I speak of are this: food and shelter, power and water, means of long distance communication and local travel, an accurate source for news, a say in what happens in their communities and the love and affection of those around them.

The system is broken and all this violence, criminal activity and death is the result. Gun violence and malpractice are symptoms of the broken system. Until we take a serious look at changing how we run things, the same things will continue to run us.

Thus the metaphor “Kill all the lawyers”; A call to start a new.

And if what I have suggested here is nothing but an out of reach fantasy, we are surely all doomed.

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