Happy is Happy… Right?

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Be Happy… Too often we stop ourselves from being happy by making silly rules for our happiness. We say things to ourselves like. “I can’t be happy in this relationship until ____ happens” like, until he/she apologizes to me or forgives me. And even though we have moments of true happiness after that declaration and before the rule was met, we dismiss those moments as not counting, because the rule was not met. When we do this we rob ourselves of the one thing that can heal that relationship; those moments of happiness are real no matter what the circumstances are that brought them about. Yes, you can fake looking happy but you can’t fake being happy. feelings and emotions are not ever artificial. And if you want to be happy you must agree and accept that things that are real cannot be denied. You must acknowledge that any happiness you feel is real happiness and then it will become something for the relationship build upon.

This works not only in a relationship but in whatever you are hoping for in life. If you want a new car/house/money you need but ask yourself “what would it feel like to have what I want?” and truly consider the answer. Then take a mental note of what it felt like and hold on to that feeling for as long as you can and explore the thoughts that come to you when you are feeling that way. They will most likely be the steps that you need to take to make that thing happen for you.

Holding on to a feeling is like being in possession of, or better yet, looking at a magic map. The way the magic works is: As long as you are looking at the map, you are heading in the direction of the maps final destination. If you look away you will still be heading in that direction, but slower and only as long as a ghost of the maps image stays with you. Your speed towards the destination depends on how focused you are on the map; The more focused you are on the map the faster you reach the destination.

Feelings and emotions are very complex and specific vibrations. They are how we communicate with God or the universe or whatever you prefer. They are how we pray. And those payers cannot be denied.

So Think of what makes you happy, acknowledging that the feeling is real, hold on tight and focus, and see how fast you reach your destination.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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