Mario Jones Art Portfolio

The art displayed on this page are all the original works Mario Alexander Jones as well as some works that are collaborative efforts such as those in film.

Modern NGR                          Modern NGRS

These are The Modern NGR. NGR is the original spelling of the Latin word negro or black in english. The true pronunciation of this word has been distorted as has been its meaning. It is pronounced “Enjer” and simply describes the fertile black soil of the Nile river valley in Africa. Left: Male Right: Female



proletariat/pawn_frontview                         proletariat/pawn backview

These are photos of what I call The Proletariat. I am currently working on a complete chess set, carving all original pieces out of white oak and Mahogany.  These pieces which act as the pawn, it represents the average working stiff or the Lumpenproletariat  that Marx wrote of and Mou Tse Tung Swore to raise up.



These are photos of The Thug.  It is part the chess set and carved in white oak. This piece acts as the knight, it represents the so called law enforcement or the establishments muscle, that intimidate the public into submission through brutality and unstable behaviour.



These are photos of The Conjurer. It is part of the chess set and carved in mahogany. This piece acts as the Bishop, it represents the lawmakers, and religious leaders, those who interpret and misrepresent old books to fit their personal and/or their establishment’s agenda. purveyors of dogma.



These are photos of The Diva. it is part of the chess set carved in white oak. this piece acts as the Queen, and represents the distractions of sensuality and drama that keep the masses occupied with the trivial while the decisions that truly effect our freedoms are made by the establishment with us completely unaware.


This is Al Dubai, a Teakwood  carving capturing a most desirable site, for me, at least as a lover of woman. It was done mostly while in the City of Dubai, UAE.


This is Modesty, an example of what I call forced perspective.


This is The Right Hand, it is a simple study in human anatomy.

This is The Thumb, it is another study.


This is The Sceptic’s Mask: This Teakwood carving expresses the angry, superior, curled lip of the ignorant right before they are educated.