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In my life I’ve had a strained relationship with money. I mean in the beginning it had always been an elusive thing for me. Not that I am rolling in it today, but I always thought ‘why is it that I have to pay to exist just because I’m human?’ I always thought there is more than enough of everything we need for all of us, things should be free or people should just share them. I think I always tried to rail against the ideal of money, maybe that is why I was such a thief when I was a kid. Regardless anything I did to show my disgust in the system usually ended up in my incarceration in one way or another whether it be real jail or debtors prison.

Eventually I came to the realization that the fact that I didn’t want the world to be this way and even though it was really unfair, if I wanted to be successful and comfortable in this life, I was going to have to change how I felt about money and accept that this is defacto, how the world is, and I needed money to have the life that I wanted for me and my family.

And so I reframed it in my mind telling myself that money was the key to a free and happy life. With enough money you are free to do almost anything you want or nothing at all. I was encouraged to empower myself by realizing that I deserved a good life and money was the key to having that. Money was not an obstacle in this case but a vehicle. I wrote a post in this blog that talks to that new attitude. Time is Money!

Around the time I was having a real internal battle with this, I saw a movie “In Time” with Justin Timberlake. Great movie, by the way. The movie was was set some time in the future where humans had been genetically altered to have a countdown clock on their forearm and not to age physically beyond 25 years and everyone was born with 1 year on their clock. But when they reached the age of 25 the clock started counting down. Once the clock reached zero the person dies. However the time on this clock was also the currency of this society and so you could add to or take away from the time on your watch to pay for things or to transfer funds between people. Time was literally money. Like our current society there was a class system where the poor lived in ghettos and slums and the rich lived in paradise, and there was very little chance of moving up from one class to another. So, the rich could add time to their watches and literally live forever while the poor died in the streets because their watches zeroed out. After the lead character (Will Solace) is given over a hundred years on his watch by a wealthy stranger who is tired of living and his mother zeros out in his arm because she can’t Afford the new bus rates, he heads to paradise with his new found wealth and the intention of taking down the unfair system down. The contrast of the the upper and lower class was mainly noticeable in the pace of the individuals. In the ghettos everyone ran everywhere because they had very little time. It was literally life and death. However in paradise everything was slow and deliberate. Over the last year or so I was noticing what a true statement this was making about the current state of affairs. when one has all the money in the world, one has all the time in the world and is rarely desperate, (never in regard to finances), or in a hurry. However, when one has to earn a living and ration those earnings to themselves and those who depend on them, time is a concern. If you have ever been without work for an extended period of time, you feel what I am saying it affects every aspect of your life it destroys confidence, inspires guilt and shame for not pulling your own weight or worse not being stable enough to handle what other seem to be handling fine. It poisons your relationships and cause stresses powerful enough to cause a heart to literally stop beating.

When asked “What would you do if you had a hundred years on your clock?” Will Solace (Justin Timberlake), answered “I wouldn’t keep looking at it.”

You’ll have to watch the movie to find out what happens in the end. But, the main message I took from the movie, when I first watched it, was that in our world, at least to those who are not rich, time truly is money, and more than that, money is life. And at the time I was working on my self worth or worthiness. So, I told myself that money is life and my family and I deserve to live long and healthy lives. Soon after that I got a job out of town that paid $16,000.00 a month. Didn’t last long though. However I had established a greater potential in myself than I had imagined before that.

Since then a lot has happened in my life I have become exceedingly aware of how little I really know. And although I had accepted this world with money, several nagging questions would continually come to mind. Like:

  • How does money benefit society?
  • What value does it have if it’s not backed by gold or something else of actual value?
  • Why do some people have it given to them for doing very little and other work their ass off for pennies?
  • Why is it in between me and the things that I want and need?

I was never satisfied with the answers that I would conjure. I came to the conclusion that whatever fault I found with money I couldn’t think of a better solution to the question. “Without money how would we pay for things?”
It wasn’t until recently that a man named Michael Tellinger gave me a legitimate answer to that question amongst quite a few other questions.
Michael Tellinger is a South African anthropologist whose primary focus was on African stone circles. Connecting these stone circles and other seemingly man made phenomenon to ancient text, he surmised that humanity didn’t always have a money system. Some would automatically say “ no duh! There was trade and barter before money.” Tellinger would say that is true and not true. He says that trade and barter cout from travelers rewarding their host for their hospitality a way to say thanks but generally people used to share everything and there was no real concept of value or one thing being more or less valuable than another, no concept of individual ownership of living things or land. I don’t personally see how this seems so foreign to people considering it is how the Aboriginal cultures all over the world lived until the European conquest of the free world began. It is, however, great testament to how deep seated is the indoctrination to the money system is, in the majority of humanity.

Regardless, money was not a natural evolution of barter and trade. It was introduced to humanity with and through royalty or nobility. Suddenly at some point in ancient history these people known as nobility show up on the planet and it was somehow understood that they owned everything including the people who were their subjects. They enslaved the human race through psychological tools like religion, as they were appointed to nobility by God or the gods, and so were God’s representatives on earth. As such they also used tools like war and yes, money to control the population and expand their influence. Money is a brilliant means of control with very little effort. If it is established that it has value and can be traded for other things of value. For example: the king needs to establish that his currency has value so first he must raise an army. He does this by gathering, let’s say, twenty men that he trusts, mostly family and close friends. He explains to them the magic money slavery system or MMSS for short. He basically lies to them telling them that the resources of the world are scarce and if we don’t find some way to control what resources there are, we will end up fighting over scraps. He gives them the solution in the form of the concept of nobility and tells them they will rule over all others. As the people of this time are simple and ignorant of guile and also subject to the human ego most would quickly be on board, but even those that weren’t at first, soon fell in line for fear of becoming subject to the system that was inevitably coming. The twenty men would then ride out and find soldiers offering them food and shelter also feeding them propaganda about there being enemies in neighbouring communities and how they could earn honor and glory in defending their realm from those who would take what is ours. These twenty lieutenants would then execute false flag events against neighbouring communities with hoods on so not to be recognized attacking and terrorizing them so that feared for their lives. And when the terror was at it peak the same men would come in dressed in fine clothing as the saviors of that community and would offer their services to protect and serve it… for a price, which they would gladly pay for peace of mind. And they say “you must be sent from heaven”. And the new kings says “Exactly, god told us you were in need of our help.” And they do this twenty times to twenty different communities, ending up with twenty kings and kingdoms. Then once the twenty kingdoms (which is really one kingdom) have been established now comes the human sacrifice. Every so often the nobles set up skirmishes and attacks, pretending to be in conflict with one another, to insure the fear is ever present thereby insuring the need for the service of the Crown and the taxes from the subjects.

Then to finally enslave all the subjects without them even knowing they are enslaved, the nobles send messengers out over his lands to find farmers and traders and decrees to all that from this day forward, one of these shiny little metal discs will have the value of five chicken eggs and five of these discs are worth a whole chicken, and so on and so forth. Then in order to distribute the new money the nobles would force the farmers and traders to exchange, what they would normally trade off, for its value in the new money. This way every thing could be assigned a monetary value making it easier to tax the subjects and to keep track of all transactions throughout the twenty kingdoms.

I have purposely oversimplified this because it’s that simple. A bunch of thugs started intimidating their own people because someone told them things were scarce and running out. It is the belief in lack and limitations that allow us all to be controlled and enslaved. Even those who maintain the system are slaves to it because they believe a lie. They believe that their happiness depends on their control of me and so they are slaves to maintaining that control by any means necessary. I do not envy them for theirs is a greater burden however unnecessary. And the fact that I am aware of their control and what it is about, is evidence that that control is wearing off, so the “Noble” slaves are fighting a losing battle. The interesting thing is that we gain ground in this battle not when we fight back or fight at all, but when we stop fighting and start waking up to and accepting the truth that there is abundance in this world, more than enough for us all.

Look around your self right now at Nature, when things are in balance all resources are renewable through the law of abundance. Yes the law of abundance. There are many laws in this Existence and they all work in conjunction. With that in mind and what I have written in previous posts in this blog about the law of attraction, we can’t just say these bad guys destroyed our peaceful loving existence, and leave it at that. We all need to take some responsibility for what this eventually meant for humanity on earth. The the fear of something like this must have been in the minds of many at the time that we were bamboozled. And through the law of attraction or more aptly named the law of affinity, as there is much more to it than simply attraction/repulsion, and the law of abundance, as there must be an abundance of resources, for all of our dreams or even nightmares to even be possible. How can this world be hell for one person and heaven for another simultaneously if not for an abundance of the resources and options needed to make either situation possible.

This earth, like all celestial bodies constantly radiates raw material however it is only a macrocosm of the microcosm of life on earth. The majority of plants do not just bare one seed and then die, they bare hundreds and celebrate with beautiful flowers to let it be known. Most animals don’t just have one offspring and die, most have several and some thousands. Nature is Abundant and there is no way man can ever exhaust it. We can keep it all at arm’s length from us and not use it or use it improperly or in an imbalanced way so that it does not benefit us or it outright harms us. But this does not take anything away from the fact that there is abundance in this existence.

The point here, in focusing so much on abundance, is that the only way Money make sense to the conscious mind, is if that mind believes necessities are rare or the rare have become a necessity. They must believe that there is only one medium by which they can earn or purchase all of their needs. Money is the only logical way, in their minds, to make a meaningful exchange of value for those necessities. Because, if you believe in abundance then you know there are an abundance of natural cooperative means by which you can fulfill your needs and most don’t have much use for money. You can simply choose to not participate. This is most definitely not what those who feel they benefit from this system want. And the opposite of what they need for the MMSS to work. Look, things that are rare cost more in this system, right? The more rare something is the more valuable. The more valuable something is the more someone will do to get it and this is what it is all about; getting people to do things they wouldn’t naturally do. They must be motivated. Even a slave needs motivation to get them to do the work of their master. Ask yourself, would you murder another human in cold blood? I think most would easily answer, no. But then ask yourself would you murder a man in cold blood for $50,000,000. If we are honest with ourselves, it is not so easy to answer no. I know that not everyone would to take the money and It is not my intention to insult those who wouldn’t by arguing otherwise. But as I indicated before it would be a more difficult decision. Most I think, though they may not go through with it, would consider it with the money even though it goes against their core values. The sad thing about all of this if is that it usually would take considerably less money if you choose a desperate enough person. And the way this system is set up leaves many of us desperate through poverty and debt.

Just recently we just had the US presidential election campaign, with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It is well known that Donald Trump is a multi-billionaire, however, let me point out to those that are unaware, that Hillary Clinton is backed by a man named George Soros. Now, for those of you who don’t know of Soros, he is a Hungarian immigrant, who is intimately associated with the IMF(international monetary fund) and the World Bank, both private Banking conglomerates that hold the vast majority of the world’s debt. Meaning that nations are financially indebted to them. This man Soros seems to have an infinite supply of money to throw at an infinite number of philanthropic causes, as well as open manipulation of the world economic markets. He is known as the man who. Broke the bank of England. The presidential race was basically the battle of the billionaires. Soros, by the way also backed Obama in his campaign.

So basically anyone with less than a billion dollars at their disposal was never even in the running. Is this not an indication that we are still being ruled by the nobles, or in the modern vernacular, the Elite. No one who is amongst these Elite wants to change the system, it works specifically for them. So in reality, this election campaign is just them continuing to appear to us as if they are fighting for us to make things better, when in fact they are responsible for things being so bad. They created this fearful state and maintain it so we fall in line. And they give us the false hope that with our vote and our taxes and the whittling down our freedoms we will ensure that things get better for us. Tellinger said it best when he said that, unless the candidate acknowledges that this western first world society has been hijacked by the Banking elite, they are not there for the people. Because they are not being honest with the people or worse they are unaware which makes them too ignorant to lead. The point here is that the change, we want, will never come from those who maintain the system. Even if one or two of the elite decided the system is wrong and it is hurting humanity so they were going to do everything they could to take it down, they would soon see that the threat to life, limb and family is not worth it, when all they have to do is just fall in line, and life is great for them. Better to be disenchanted, wealthy and alive, than to be righteous, poor and possibly dead, right?

These are the the pillars of the MMSS:
Lies, Intimidation, Greed, War, and Debt.

The conditioning that makes it possible for this Shit to be acceptable to us is so deep that if you suggest that society is better off without it you may be lynched. I exaggerate, but really, if not literally, figuratively. I am amazed at the passion behind most people’s argument for merits of money. And most of the time that is all it is, is passion because they have no substance. I recently had a discussion on facebook that was very enlightening. I found it significant because I did not expect the angle the other person came at me from. I had suggested that gurus get paid when their teachings have been proven to work for the student, and added that if the guru truly had the secret to the life we all desire and was able to teach it to others it is likely that his/her students would be so grateful, that they would give much more than what the guru asked for.
Her answer amounted to this; that money represents an exchange of energy on a spiritual level adding you can’t get something for nothing and how could a person live if they always had to wait for payment?

After trying to clarify, a few times, to see if she understood what I was saying. I could see that I was not talking to her but to her conditioning. Because I never mentioned anything pointing to the students getting something for nothing and was actually pointing out that most so called gurus were getting something for nothing and that there was a way to eliminate the students getting ripped off. But through to the end of the discussion she stood in defense of the gurus.
Why? What stake does she hold in gurus getting paid up front? None I’d gather, but it just feels wrong to her for someone she sees as an authority figure to be challenged on their practices. Funny thing about her though is that if I used the term politician instead of guru she wouldn’t have argued at all. We must all remember that we are trying to overcome this system while still strongly under its influence. I know that I myself still struggle with this daily, and so I can’t really judge, but we can help each other by basically pointing out when our conditioning is showing. We are conditioned to defend the system, to feel comfortable with it, to not see any other way things could possibly work. They maintain this through propaganda in the public education system and even the private, as they must also constantly convince themselves that this intrinsically unnatural relationship with existence, is life as it should be. Through propaganda in the media all media. In this propaganda they insure us that we are never safe no matter where we are but that we are safer with them than without them, or with the system than without it. The only alternative is zombie apocalypse or utter chaos and anarchy. I bet many of you are just cringing as you read this. And that is what I’m talking about. Some of you would police me and tell me I’m crazy to think the way I do and think me irresponsible for writing the things I write. When we do this we do the system’s job for it by shaming and ridiculing those who have become hip to the lies and seek a deeper truth than the one we have all been sold, so that people fear voicing it when they realize the same, causing few to speak up, thus very little change happens that benefit the average person.

Earlier in this piece, I wrote about the message I got from watching the movie In Time when it first came out. Since then my view of money has changed significantly. Back then I thought of money in an almost spiritual light and with that kind reverence. Now I see it simply as a means to control enslave and kull the masses. It is in the way of our progress, And allows those who control it to live long, healthy and happy lives, while those who use it die of stress related illnesses. We live short, unhealthy and considerably less happy lives. And because of money being so hard to come by for most, we end up with events like Black Friday where the prices for things are considerably less than usual. One would normally think that that would be a good thing for the people, however, 10 people have died and 105 have been injured since 2013 competing for the best deals. This is horrible to say the least.

We have all heard the cliche’ that “money is the root of all evil” and the rebuttal to it, “the love of money is the root of all evil”. This points to the fact that money is an inanimate object and by its nature cannot be evil in itself. But if something is created strictly to control and enslave your fellow man it may not be the root of evil but it is definitely a product of an evil mind, it inspires and embodies evil. To me, this is undeniable.

I like that Michael Tellinger came up with a plan that I believe can and will work to remove this unnatural yoke from around the neck of humanity he calls it Ubuntu and Contributionism. Here is a link so that you can see that plan straight from the source: Ubuntu Plan for Small Towns. I want to finish off this article with a question that Michael Tellinger brings up and the one that I would like the reader to answer for him or herself when it comes right down to it, however first I will share how I would answer the question, which is: what does a world without money look like?
I imagine that one day the all the people that find themselves enslaved by the system will collectively agree to simply let go of the old destructive way of politico-economical manipulation of the abundant resources of this world. And we agree to share what is here and contribute a portion of our time towards building a thriving community. Tellinger has made the claim, that in a community with 5000 adults, if each individual adult would put in 3 hours a week towards the necessities like power generation, gardening, waste disposal, road construction and repair, water and sewage treatment, etc, the rest of the time you could do whatever you wanted to do. Being somewhat skeptical of this assertion, I worked the numbers and they break down like this: 5000 x 3hr/week = 15000hr/week divided by a 7 day week = 2,143hr/day divided by 12hr to determine the amount of positions being covered by the minimum required contribution of people’s time. It works out to 179 positions being filled for 12hrs a day, every day. To facilitate a community of 5000, this is more than enough. However the fact that people already volunteer their time under the current system after working full time jobs and dealing with kids, is evidence that many will contribute much more than just the required minimum and some will be totally into, say, energy generation or gardening and spend all the time they can working on those things. I dare say that there will be some positions that will not have to be covered by the required contribution man hour pool, which will mean that the less popular jobs will be able to have smaller shifts than the minimum 3hrs. And honestly with the type of people that this kind of place will attract, I imagine that in no time they will find a way to automate most of the unpleasant jobs if not, at the least, find ways to augment the job to make it so that it is much easier and takes less and less time to complete. In fact I think that in an environment where all alternative forms of energy, transportation, construction, manufacturing, agriculture and more are not just welcomed but encouraged, the technological advances would be massive and soon a community based on these principles would have a major, technological and eventual economic, advantage on the rest of the world.

In short, I see money as a means to hobble humanity’s potential and enslave us. I still do not completely understand why this was ever necessary or why anyone ever thought it was, but now that I am aware of it and see a solution in the principles of Ubuntu and Michael Tellinger’s Contributionism I will do all that I can to help implement that solution. Don’t get me wrong I’m not so naive as to believe that the plan may not need some tuning if it is to succeed, but that is built into the concept of Contributionism we must all contribute what we can even in regard to ensuring that we proceed with the best plan possible. I see this as a community where the person with the best solution for the problem at hand leads us through that problem and then gladly steps aside for the one with the solution to the next problem. I see this as our hope for true change. I hope you will see what I see but if you don’t, and that is fine, I hope you will at least reflect upon and consider what I have written here.

Peace and Good Fortune to All.


  1. Truly remarkable article. I wasn’t sure I was going to finish because I have a short attention span at times, however, I’m so glad I did. I watched that movie as well and yes the correlation of money being time is well played. I know you wrote some time back, but it is truly a good way to start the year for me. Thanks Love.

  2. I commend you for attempting to breach the subject as it is one that comes with a lot of emotional baggage. I for one realize the effort and processing it takes. I take the position that it is human energy that really is the currency at play.

  3. Thank you Mario.
    This is a very good article. It has hit something in me because I have had a similar issue with money. Your article should be read by everyone who has this issue.

    1. Thanks Unc for taking the time to check me out, and thank you for your kind critique. I really apriciate it.

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