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A little while back, a facebook “friend” shared a news article about several police officers being asked to leave the cheesecake factory in Tacoma. The manager said it was their policy that no one is allowed in the restaurant with guns. However, after the incident the restaurant’s headquarters issued an apology saying that this was the policy but that police are the only exception. Now the “friend” that shared this riveting story added that because of this incident he would never eat there again. I thought this was a joke. And asked are you seriously going to boycott the whole franchise because one manager at one location, that, by the way, is on the other side of the country from you, doesn’t like cops. He took a defensive tone saying that he used to be a police officer. And also that it was his right to spend his money the way he saw fit. By that I knew he was serious. So I agreed that was his right. But then explained to him how petty the whole thing sounded to me. And I told him that there may have been more to the story as he neither knew the cops nor the manager nor what their interactions were prior to him asking them to leave. He said that he was basing his actions on the strength of this article. He then made a comment about how sorry The Cheesecake Factory would be if they got robbed and no cop came to save the day. And I came back, sarcastically with a statement about how often the Cheesecake Factory gets robbed. He asked two questions at this point; one that was sarcasm as well and the other that I had to seriously consider. The questions were this; do I own shares in the Cheesecake Factory or do I just not like cops?

Do I just not like cops?… I attempted to answer the question but he unfriended me before I could. But I really think that it is a question I needed to ask myself and give an honest answer. If I’m honest I must say, in general, no, I don’t like law enforcement officers. And I will attempt here to explain why. However I want to point out that it has more to do with the system as a whole than just law enforcement. Let me also point out that I have met police officers that I do like so although I am weary of them all I do give them the space to show if they are friend or foe.

That being said, let me start with these foot soldiers we call the police.

When it is convenient for their argument, many would say that it is unfair to profile or stereotype an entire group based on the behavior of some of them and not all. However the truth is the truth and that is what I intend to share. Let’s look at the example of construction workers who are profiled as crude and ignorant. As someone who often works in construction I hope that I am proof the stereotype is just that: a stereotype and not the rule. But if we are honest we must agree that there is an abundance of crudeness and ignorance in the industry from bottom to top. Needless to say, if you work in that industry you must accept, tolerate and even expect this type of behavior and by doing so you become complicit in its consequences. In the case of construction workers it is usually harmless banter between friends but it can sometimes lead to some hurt feelings.

In the case of the stereotypical police officer or the law enforcement professional(for lack of a better word), the consequences of their behavior can lead to brutality, false imprisonment, murder and cover up.

There is a certain type of personality that is drawn to law enforcement. In the wild west they called them gunslingers or hired guns. This is the type of person who, if not actually willing, wants to appear to be willing to give his/her life or take another life in the name of the authority that pays them; This person is weak and ineffective without some kind of advantage whether it be a weapon or overwhelming numbers; This person wants power, respect and authority without having earned it; This person is willing to turn a blind eye while corruption occurs all around them; And this person is willing to issue fines and incarcerate others for things they themselves do regularly without any consequences.

Now let me point out that I do not believe that this describes all law enforcement officers, but I do think that those whom this does not describe are the exception and that to me is a shame. It is, however, unavoidable in the current system under which we live.

The fact that this career exists, is overwhelming evidence that something is seriously wrong with our society.

If you take two babies from different ethnic backgrounds, opposing religions and economic class, and you raise them in the same house with love, will they continue their parents animosity towards each other? No, and they won’t become friends either. They will become family every time. Is that not proof enough that humanity’s default is love and that somehow we have been taught to hate, fear, be envious of one another and that there is lack and limitations in the world, so we better get ours now before it’s all gone. This is the reason we deem law enforcement necessary.

I want the reader to understand that is isn’t some half cooked opinion that I formed in a vacuum, it has been developed out of years of experience and some very recent self examination. I myself was in the military which is closely related to the function of the police, at least in theory. We are supposed to be there to protect and serve to and to defend the rights of the citizens. And just like the military, in fact, this idea has become corrupted by those at the top, and what was supposed to be there to serve and protect the people has been in the case of the military, used to terrorize the world outside the country and in the case of law enforcement, they are being used to terrorize the citizens within the country. In both cases this terror and intimidation are being used to keep the masses in line. At this point in time I feel more threatened by these two factions then anyone or anything else. And I will tell you why.

First off when I was around 8 years old my brother and I decided to climb a flagpole in Exhibition park at the museum, in South Central LA. We got all the way to the top and since I was behind my brother I was already back down when I see this police officer come out of the museum with his gun drawn and aimed up at my brother who is around 11 at the time and neither of us were big kids. I remember being very scared and amazed that climbing a flagpole would cause this type of reaction from a cop, I had never even seen that on TV. The thing that scared me the most was that he was smiling. I didn’t know what it meant. I remember him telling my brother to “get down right now” and before he was all the way down the cop dropped a bullet on the ground. Nothing big became of it and really as I am considering this story I am only at this moment realising why the bullet fell: because he had them all in his hand. He was trying to scare the Shit out of us but had no intention of hurting us. I guess some of you may be thinking he was just trying to teach a couple of kids a lesson so really he did nothing wrong. And if so I strongly disagree with you. What that man did that day, made me fear for my life or the lives of those who happened to with me whenever I encountered the police, from that moment on. From that moment on I have seen them as heartless, mindless, bullies to be avoided if at all possible.

I was going to talk about my run ins with the police throughout my life and how it had molded my feelings in their regard but after considering it for a moment I realized that the first one, when added to how police are portrayed in the media, is enough to create fear in anyone and really, isn’t that what I’m saying when I say I don’t like cops: “I fear cops”. I know some of you smart asses out there are saying ‘If you’ve done nothing wrong, you should have nothing to fear. And to them I say, that is a very naive point of view. And it infers that because it is legal it is right. We all know this is not necessarily the case. As the man said, slavery was once legal, was it ever right?

In my experience police officers are unbalanced, sociopaths or psychopaths, cruel, sadistic and lacking in compassion or empathy only on the rare occasion are there benevolent anomalies as far as whole departments are concerned and the less rare few good cops in every department that one wouldn’t describe as I have here.

police brutality

I have theorized that the hiring of these unstable, unbalanced individuals is not a mistake. I believe the powers that be wish to control by fear so they place scary psychopaths in the position of our overseers and think that if we know what’s best for us we will fall in line and teach our children to fall in line.

Law enforcement thugs are not here to serve and protect they are here to bully and intimidate you and me into accepting the servitude we were born into.

I would like to reiterate that I feel it is the system that is at fault and that the majority of these law enforcement officers are too ignorant to know and too narcissistic to care how they are really being used. The system simply hires psychopaths and they, completely oblivious to their true purpose, fall right in line with the rest. They are the true terrorists in this world.

This is what folks like Colin Kaepernick are trying to take a stand against and I agree with his intent and have no quarrel with his methods however I feel he needs to educate himself to the fact that this is not just a problem for blacks in America but for all Americans and portraying  this as only or even mostly affecting  blacks is devisive and perpetuates the same old narrative. Of back against white. More whites die by the hands of these psychopaths than any other race. It diminishes the severity of the situation to say that it is only hopping to a small portion of our society. Things must change.

Let me issue this simple warning to these misguided men and women. You have declared war on you fellow citizens and there are many more of us than there are you. Some of us are armed with guns, some with camera phones. We see what’s really going on, and your days are numbered.

That’s just my take on things. Do your research.

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