The Zombie : what’s it all about?

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I’m sure most of you have noticed that the zombie apocalypse seems to be very prevalent in the collective consciousness of humanity. You see new zombie movies and TV shows popping up all over the place. There are many such monstrous legends, myths or simply stories that have been used as Icons of pop culture to represent important aspects of our society that are sometimes hidden from the masses. At least on a conscious level, however, they speak mostly to our subconscious where they are meant to maintain our fear of those who rule us and the tools or instruments by which they rule.

Another of this kind of legend is the vampire. I recently got hip to what vampires truly represented after watching a movie called Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. In this movie, the vampire represents everything that Good old Abe was against; The parasitical Elite, Imperialism, Banksters, Slavers, what have you. The sad thing about the movie is that it did horrible in the theatre, as I believe, most people thought it was a joke. The irony here, I believe, is that to the ones that the vampires represent this movie is a joke. It is a joke on us, showing how they can mock us by outright telling us who they are and what they’re about and we think it’s just a fantasy or a monster movie. I think though, that now I have finally figured out who the zombie represents and what the zombie apocalypse is about.

A few days ago, I was having an intense discussion with some friends about the politico-economic system under which our society currently finds itself. Me, arguing for change as others argued that the kind of change I proposed was impossible. In the midst of this, I found myself making the statement:

“We are conditioned to defend the system. We are led to believe that anything else is chaos and anarchy the zombie apocalypse”.
After considering that for a moment I realized this was them laughing at us again. Because through our conditioning we are the the zombies. We blindly defend the status quo without ever realizing what we have done. We defend it even though it kills us. And from the point of view of the one who pushes for change, we look content with the death of our freedom and imagination and content to eat them alive through ridicule and shame until they become one of the walking dead at which point we hardly notice them at all.

We need to realize that we have gone through generation upon generation of conditioning so that we accept, as normal, that which is by definition unnatural and out of balance with the true nature of consciousness. We need to realize that the state within us caused by this conditioning is not really living. I remember once hearing an argument against African Americans following Christianity that stayed with me because it made so much sense: ‘why would you continue to follow the religion that was forced upon your people by those who literally enslaved your recent ancestors, do you not get that this religion was a strong link in the chains of our bondage? And so when you choose to follow that religion which by the way, they even used to justify our enslavement, you choose enslavement over freedom. This is what the zombie apocalypse is; The battle that anyone who tries to educate the masses takes on, the battle against the brainwashing and conditioning of our society.

Something to consider. Peace!

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