Trust your feelings

Trust your feelings

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The thing about us so called new agers, or LOA’ers is that often when we are just starting on the path we tend to hang around the entrance, so to speak, not actually moving along the path. At all times you should trust your feelings.

We are aware the path exists, however, we are paralyzed by that awareness. Unsure if the next step we take will further us along the path or if we are still subject to our old patterns of thinking and have not really entered the path at all.

We fear movement in any direction, concerned that our movement may be along the same old path disguised as the new one. We are now aware of so many things, like the fact that our minds can and have played tricks on us which is why things are not the way we want them to be.

So how do we trust that we have the discernment to recognize the right path and are not just being tricked by our minds?

Let me remind those who welcome this reminder, that it is your feelings that you must trust and if you feel good about whatever you might be doing, know that you are on the path. And if you feel bad, then you have strayed. Know also that you can easily find the way back to it though, by find something to feel good about.

I don’t care if you are homeless, starving, sold into white slavery, missing all your limbs, or subject to horrors I have yet to imagine, there is always something to feel good about, If nothing else but a distant memory of warmth and love. People finding themselves in all the situations I have mentioned here have found reason to smile and even reason to laugh.

So realize that it is this concern or thought that we may not be on the path that keeps us at its gate. Know that we were all given a precision instrument, in our feelings or emotions, to detect what path we are on. And with that awareness there is no need for concern.

So go about your New Year Unconcerned.
Peace and Prosperity to all in 2016

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