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What do you mean, “I’ll try”? (Verbal Virus)

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I think that some may benefit from what I have recently learned. If one person benefits it was more than worth the effort. I think it is important that I shine the light on what I have dubbed a verbal virus.

We all remember having uttered the words “I’ll try” and in turn heard the statement “Don’t try, Do” uttered by someone we respected. Well I have heard it said on countless people that I have at the time, at least, respected, if not only for uttering what seemed to be a very wise statement. And having heard it so many times and from so many different people in so many different ways, I believed I had a pretty good grasp on what it meant. But I didn’t even know what I was say when I said I’d try. I always thought it meant that I would give my best effort. But with further investigation of something that, by most may seem mundane and a given, turned out to be deeper than its surface.

For some reason I am unaware of I recently asked myself “what does it mean to try” and the answer that came to me was not giving it your best effort. That is a virus in our software, so to speak, or it is subconscious sarcasm, because the answer that came to me was: to put a thing on trial to decide whether it is worth doing. And if we are honest with ourselves we will admit that, that is exactly what we do when we say “I’ll try”. So if this is some kind of subconscious thought to mouth inversion, or a glitch in the system then it is dangerous to use, as the trial you put on is in the kangaroo court of the subconscious mind it its judgments are skewed by the needs of the inner child that refuses to grow change is death to this inner child and so unless it is in line with the status quo the judgement will always be “Unworthy of your efforts, we shall do what we always do, instead. Think about when we say this to ourselves about our goals and dreams. The likelihood of the coming to fruition just dropped dramatically. So yeah, don’t ever try or even say “I’ll try”, and spread this verbal virus, just do or don’t, but make sure the decision is a conscious one.

I finally get why trying is called the “Poke it with a stick method”

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